Classical guitar collage

CLASSICAL    Western red cedar, East Indian rosewood, Spanish cedar, ebony    2009

Articulate and balanced in voice, this concert guitar is capable of delivering a rich tonal palette. Notes that range from sweet, delicate trebles to earthy, robust basses all share a pleasing timbre with volume and sustain to carry the music to those who will appreciate. If you are expressive in your playing, this guitar will reward you.

From the sculpted head crown to the rosette inlay with matching soundboard purfling, these and other exquisite details all contribute to the unique aesthetic treatment that characterize Edward Kleinís guitars. A fine sense of balance both musically and visually.

Elevated fingerboard detail12 hole bridge tieblock

Carefully contoured neck featuring an elevated fingerboard and precise attention to relief and action give a high playing comfort with reach extending to a 20th fret.

A twelve hole bridge tieblock provides good break-over angle, simplifies stringing and gives a neat clean look.

Appointed with high quality tuning machines and supplied with a deluxe double arched hard shelled case in classic black.  Options are possible at extra cost.

Scale lengths of 640, 650 (standard) and 660 mm available.

Typical construction materials include East Indian rosewood back and sides with spruce or cedar for the fan braced soundboard. Necks are fashioned from reinforced Spanish Cedar and fingerboards in Ebony. A thin finish of lacquer is applied with the exception of the soundboard where a French Polish is preferred. For specific tonewood alternatives please contact the maker for price and availability at time of order.