Ellipse prototype front view

ELLIPSE     Curly maple, spruce, mahogany, ebony, dyed lacquer finish    2012

The Ellipse guitar elegantly integrates form and function, placing this contemporary instrument in a class all its own. Although playful in appearance, advanced features are thoughtfully engineered into this unique asymmetrical design.

The multi-scale or fanned fret fingerboard spanning the lengths of 640 to 660 mm can be said to improve intonation and offers comfortable fingering positions the entire length of neck. Absence of a traditional heel where the neck meets the guitar body, in addition to a tilted upper bout ellipse and an elevated fingerboard, further promotes easy reach to the higher frets.  A pinless bridge is fitted with individually compensated bone saddles.  Pickup components are easily installed and accessible via the removable bottom panel (elliptical in shape of course!). Final voicing under string tension and future internal cleaning or repair work through this opening are added benefits. Special transparent dyes are added to the lacquer allowing the natural beauty of the wood to show through the graphics.

Acoustic Guitar Magazine featured the Ellipse in the March 2011 Edition - Great Acoustics page

Britainís Guitar & Bass Magazine chose the Ellipse guitar to be one of the five best in the Montreal Guitar Show 2009! ĎAn entirely new, ground breaking steel string...í
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Ellipse prototype

ELLIPSE prototype 2009