GOSH collage

GOSH   Figured imbuia, Western red cedar, Spanish cedar, ebony, Sterling silver inlay   2007

Immediately apparent is the offset soundhole which neatly accompanies a 20 'plus five' fret fingerboard.  This strategic placement allows unimpeded sound wave projection since the hand does not block this air disturbance when playing.  Relocation higher into the upper bout also offers an increase in the vibrating area of the top. Moving the soundhole a little closer to the player’s ears may also offer an enhanced personal sound experience.

Internally, a strong lightweight tubular support is held firmly in place to counteract string tension forces.  This carbon fibre tube is positioned along centreline, underneath and clear of the soundboard, between the upper and lower bout rib blocks. Special fittings at both ends allow the maker to install and adjust the tubular element just prior to stringing and setup. In conjunction with laminated linings, a very rigid framework is thus established for the body of the guitar to support both the soundboard and neck.  Undue stresses are relieved thereby eliminating unwanted distortions affecting the top's ability to move freely.  The soundboard becomes a more efficient radiator and less vibrational energy is lost.