Guitars are designed and constructed by Edward Klein both on speculation and by commission.  Newly developed instruments are at times destined for introduction and sale at various exhibitions.  This site will be updated regularly informing of additions to the body of work presented here. Follow current events on Facebook.

Please contact via e-mail: info@edwardkleinguitars.com to discuss your personal requirements and preferences. All inquiries are welcome and appreciated.

Prices quoted are in Canadian dollars. Any options and all other applicable taxes, duties and shipping are in addition to the base amount.  A 25% deposit is required when placing an order, $500 of which is nonrefundable. The balance is due upon completion of the instrument prior to delivery.


The constructor, Edward Klein, warrants his instruments to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.  This warranty will be honoured as long as the aforementioned is practicing lutherie.  This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

This limited warranty does not cover repairs necessitated by normal wear and tear, accidental damage, natural disaster, exposure to extremes of temperature and/or humidity, abuse or neglect.  Nor does it cover tuning machines, transducer/pickups, cases or strings.  These are warranted to the original manufacturer.  Periodic maintenance is the responsibility of the owner and is a condition of warranty.  Any alterations to the instrument will void warranty.  Use of higher tension strings other than those recommended by the constructor may void warranty.  Do not exceed concert pitch.

Any instrument found to be defective will be repaired without charge.  Repairs not performed by the constructor risk cancellation of the warranty.  Final judgment concerning the cause of any damage is left up to the maker's discretion, thereby reserving the right to disqualify any instrument for a warranty claim.  Transportation and insurance expenses are the responsibility of the owner.  No liabilities will be assumed other than the repair of the instrument.

This warranty takes the place of any other warranty, expressed or implied.