Performance collage

PERFORMANCE    Figured walnut, Sitka spruce, maple, ebony     2014

This OM size guitar will please the fingerstylist with its wider neck and 25.4 inch scale.

An optional raised armrest offers enhanced player comfort and isolates the forearm from contacting thus restricting the vibrating soundboard.

The dovetailed neck has a uniquely shaped sculpted heel and the elevated fingerboard offers even tonality and easier reach to the higher fret positions in the absence of a cutaway.

Faux cross-stitch inlay playfully decorate.

Special neck to body geometry orients string height over the soundboard for a more balanced bridge torque (side to side) under tension. Adjusted string spacing at the nut and saddle provide an equal distance between strings of different diameter.

Tuning machines are oriented so strings pass straighter over the nut for smoother operation. Accurately machined progressive radius fingerboard (increasing from the nut to the 20th fret) ensures lowest possible action. Necks are constructed with carbon fibre reinforcement and a double acting truss rod.

To minimize damping yet still provide adequate protection, an ultra thin satin lacquer finish is applied.  The soft sheen greatly reduces reflection and gives a smooth feel. The random pattern ring rosette under a very thin clear plastic pickguard surrounds the soundhole.

Appointed with high quality tuning machines and supplied with a deluxe double arched hard shelled case in classic black.  Options are possible at extra cost. For tonewood selection please contact the maker for price and availability at time of order.