Quarter Moon

QUARTER MOON     Aluminum, maple, poplar, ebony, coloured lacquer finish     2011

The sculptural work Quarter Moon shown here is a five string fretless electric bass guitar composed of wood and metal.

Celestial bodies set against the midnight black of outer space are aesthetic elements in this piece that also serve practical purpose.  The white crescent moon provides a beveled arm rest, an orbiting planet houses the volume and tone controls along with the input jack and 9V battery, and the ‘constellation’ dot pattern inlay identifies the fingering positions in the absence of frets.  One could also imagine the sculpted metal knobs and strap buttons, even the triangular plate to be satellites and rocket ships.

Bass guitars with their long scale lengths and hence long necks tend to be heavy and unbalanced. To address this an assemblage of lightweight component parts, mounted securely on an aluminum backing plate, features a unique semi-hollow laminated maple neck utilizing carbon fibre reinforcement and custom truss-rod. To compliment the design, one EMG-X active magnetic pickup was selected, along with Thomastik-Infeld Jazz flat wound strings fitted to Hipshot aluminum hardware.

Attention to these details resulted in a fine sounding musical instrument, comfortable to play and heavenly to behold.  Out of this world!

Quarter Moon back detail