‘Over the last 40 years, I have owned and played many high end guitars - classical, acoustic and electric. I purchased Ed’s ‘Ellipse’ guitar after playing it for 5 minutes.  I heard and felt the music as never before and immediately understood the international praise for Klein’s work and art.
Ed’s genuine interest in how I continue to relate to the instrument as well as any adjustments he makes to keep it in ‘top form’ are sincerely appreciated. His genius in technology, design and voicing allow him to create world class instruments; his passion and approachability make him a great friend.’
Robert Muir - Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.

‘I have two of Edward Klein’s instruments, and I have to say that they have made me a better guitarist. First, the tone is beautifully even throughout the range of the instrument. More importantly, each note has a huge range of possibilities in terms of its dynamic, its timbre, and its articulation. With such a large palette of colour to work with, I’m left free to explore my imagination. The guitar will effortlessly respond to whatever I ask it to do, so it becomes my job to ask it to do the most interesting gestures I can think of. They are gorgeous instruments with a wonderful sound; I love this man’s guitars!’
Doug MacNaughton - Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

To those considering a guitar from Edward Klein, I offer my experiences with his work in two paramount areas.  First, the luthier must be a person with whom you can easily communicate. From establishing my specifications to tracking my delivery, Edward was there for me.  There was never a lag in his correspondence to me.  From my questions to his recommendations, he was timely, courteous, and professional in his responses.  Second, the luthier must deliver a quality instrument. My classical guitar from Edward has a powerful and sweet sound.  What I really love about my guitar is how, with his design, nearly the entire soundboard vibrates freely, creating superb sustain. It is wonderfully resonant and balanced, from my low basses to the bell-like trebles.
Edward Klein guitars are an excellent choice for any guitarist.’
John Kizzie - College of St. Elizabeth Music Department, Morristown, New Jersey, USA and proprietor of the Guitar Lesson Spot.

‘I originally learned about the Ellipse guitar when it was featured in Acoustic Guitar magazine. I was immediately struck by the extraordinary, original design. Since I was originally trained as a classical guitarist this guitar appealed to me because it offered the sound of a steel-string with a neck that has a full classical width and body dimensions that are more similar to a classical guitar.
The process of working with Edward to build the guitar was outstanding. His communication is excellent and I appreciated his willingness to creatively accommodate my preferences for small details like more visible fret markers without sacrificing design integrity.
I have owned and regularly played the Ellipse for four years. The guitar has opened up into a wonderful sounding instrument that routinely amazes me with its tonal accuracy, balance and sustain. I play a lot of fingerstyle and this guitar is ideal for intricate playing. The Ellipse is quite simply an amazing guitar that has exceeded my expectations in almost every way.
Edward is a very talented luthier. The guitar is impeccably made with fine materials and is a joy to play. I have literally had no issues of any kind with this guitar.
I recommend Edward Klein very highly. He has a great deal of integrity, is an innovative, creative thinker and a very fine craftsman.’
Patrick Strother - Minneapolis, MN, USA.